Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lush Curves Contest, Day 3: Kilt Love Edition!

Maybe it's the accent. Maybe it's the hair, or the way he pulls off a kilt.

Okay, let's face it... it's probably what's under the kilt that holds our fascination!

Scots are hot.

No doubt about it.

Today, in our countdown to the launch of my new erotic romance series, Lush Curves, there's a new way to win!

Tweet or Facebook the following message for FIVE contest entries:

"Are you ready for hot Scots and hot, curvacious women? Check out LUSH CURVES, a new BBW romance from Delilah Fawkes, out this Friday!"

Post the link in the comments below to get credit :).

You can also get an entry by linking to your favorite hot Scotsman pic in the comments below! I need these pics for... *cough*... research.

Yeah. That's it.


Good luck to you all, and long live the kilt!


  1. Hmmm my first post didn't go through...(gotta love smart phones)

    So here is a link I hope it works and helps with the...uhm..*cough*... Research :-)!

    I posted a tweet too but can't link it via the smart*dumb*phone. Will post the link later.


  2. Woo hooooo! ;) You rock, Zoey!

    Also, I believes ya about the tweet, so no worries. You're awesome!

    1. Thanks Darlin!!!
      You're AWESOME-EST! I'm so excited for this book/series.

      Keep doing what you do best because I love reading what you do!!!


  3. Please tell me that Gavin will be in a Kilt at SOME point in this series, cuz the thought has me reaching for B.o.B. :-)!
    Loved the book, it made my Day!! I reviewed it on Goodreads and will hit up Amazon from home tonight. :-)!


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