Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Billionaire's Beck and Call Full Series, Coming Soon!

Oh Em Gee, you guys!

I have such a lovely little something to announce, and just in time for the holidays ;).

The Billionaire's Beck and Call: The Complete Series will be available as a full novel, both e-book AND paperback, within the next couple of weeks!

I'll I'm waiting for is the final cover art, and it's ON, baby!

And the best part? I'll be giving away autographed paperbacks to celebrate, right here on this blog!

They're great for gifting, or for hording all to yourselves to read under the covers with a flashlight while your hubby snores gently next to you... The choice is yours!

I have to admit, too... It was awesome revisiting Chase and Isabeau's hot and heavy affair when I was compiling the full series version. So awesome, in fact, that I may just have another little surprise for you guys come Christmas.

Tee hee hee

But I won't tell you now, because the surprise is the best part!

This is my scheming face.

Stay tuned here for more details, giveaways, and delicious, delicious erotic romance.

And in the meantime, don't forget to check out Lush Curves 3: Making Waves! It's already working its way up the rankings thanks to awesome readers like YOU! Lets see how far we can take Aolani and Gavin ;).

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 17, 2012

LUSH CURVES 3: MAKING WAVES is now live for Kindle and Nook!

Awwwwww yeaaaaaaah!

Lush Curves 3: Making Waves (A BBW Erotic Romance) is now available at the following retailers:

Barnes and Noble

I'm so excited about this one!

Here's the description:

Curvy beauty Aolani Kahale still has her doubts about being the model for CEO Gavin Fletcher's "Live Beautifully" campaign, but when she and the crew arrive on the islands of Turks and Caicos, she begins to let loose and enjoy the ride.

Gavin Fletcher is happier than he's ever been. Making love to a gorgeous woman night and day in your island mansion will do that to you. 

But when Aolani pries into his past, emotions threaten to boil over, shattering his carefree exterior. Gavin has a dark secret he's not ready to divulge, and it may be the one thing that tears them apart, just when they thought they were getting closer than ever.

And a sexy sneak peak--YUM!

“So? What do you think?” He grinned at me, his eyes twinkling. 

“About the room or… about you?” I grinned back. 

His pupils darkened as his eyes bored into mine, and I felt the air crackling between us. 

“Both,” he said.

Our lips met before I could think, his strong hands sweeping me up, crushing me to him, pushing my doubts away, out of the room, to drown in the ocean waves sliding up and down the shore below. 

I clung to him as his tongue ran over my lips, opening my mouth to him with a whimper. He kissed me harder, his hands running down my back to grip my ass firmly, squeezing me as he pulled me closer. There was a throb between my legs that couldn’t be ignored, a hot pulsing matching the beat of my heart, now racing as our breathing quickened together.

He broke the kiss with a gasp. “Fuck…”

I could feel him hardening against me, feel the heat from him as he pressed his erection into my belly. His hand found my breast and kneaded it, making me cry out as his thumb brushed my taut nipple. 

“Oh, God,” I whispered. “Please…”

He ground against me, his teeth nipping at my neck. “I want you, Aolani,” he said through gritted teeth. “I need you. Now.”

I nodded, helpless to resist, my own body responding in kind, my need on fire for him. Logically, I knew everyone was just down the hallway, that Thomas and Sandra were just a few meters away packing for the afternoon photo shoot. 

There was a thud as someone dropping a piece of equipment, then a muffled curse. 

Gavin turned to the doorway, then back to me, his eyes pained. There was a brief moment of hesitation, then he reached back and snapped the lock shut. 

“We’ll have to be quick,” he said. “And quiet. Can you do that?”

I pressed my lips together and nodded. 

With that, his mouth met mine again, urgent and rough, both of us coming together, desperate for one another. I groaned, then stifled a giggle as Gavin shushed me. 

“Be quiet, lass, or I’ll have to gag you,” he whispered, slipping a hand beneath the bottom of my sundress. 

The plot thickens in this installment--you don't want to miss it! 

Happy reading, and thanks so much for being my awesome, amazing readers! :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

LUSH CURVES 2: SWEPT AWAY is Available Now!

LUSH CURVES 2: SWEPT AWAY is available now from the following retailers!


Barnes and Noble should be available tomorrow. Look here for updates!

When Aolani Kohale agrees to be the model for eccentric CEO Gavin Fletcher's "Live Beautifully" campaign, she doesn't know what to expect. But when he hands her an envelope full of cash and expects her to leave the next day, she wonders what exactly she signed up for.

When she begins to doubt the sexy millionaire's motives in hiring her, he does his best to soothe her nerves. Tensions and passions flare when they set sail, leaving them stranded together in the middle of the Atlantic. 

Will Aolani's fears douse the spark growing between them, or will she learn to trust Gavin when he says she's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen?

Here's a sexy sneak peak!

“Open your robe,” he said. His voice was soft, deep. 

I moved my hands to the cotton tie automatically, ready to obey him, then stopped short. What am I doing? His arms wrapped around me then, and I gasped at the touch. He grabbed the tie and undid it with steady hands. I could feel his warmth pressed up against my back, and I was suddenly very aware of how alone we were.

He gently pulled the robe open, revealing my body clad only in the coral bikini, my skin still beaded with water. He tugged it open until it lay on either side of my breasts. I looked down, but his hand was on my cheek again, urging me to look in the mirror.

“Look, Aolani. Take a good, long look at yourself. Don’t you see it?” His voice broke a little as he spoke, his eyebrows raised as he looked into my eyes through the reflection. “Don’t you see what I see?”

I stared at my body, my brow furrowing as I tried to understand.

“You’re absolutely stunning,” he said. 

His breath tickled my neck, and suddenly, he wasn’t looking in the mirror anymore. He was looking down at me, his eyes traveling down over me. 

“Your body is sensual,” he continued. He slid the robe down over my shoulders, and it pooled on the floor at my feet. I was breathing harder under his scrutiny, but I didn’t move away. His hands were on my shoulders again, running down over my arms. “Curves in all the right places...” 

His hands moved to my waist, gently tracing the smooth line beneath my ribcage, then moving down to the gentle swell of my hips. His fingers traced the gold rings on either side of my bikini bottom, his breathing suddenly as rough as mine. 

I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! :) I'm absolutely falling in love with these two people, and I can't wait to share the rest of their story with you.

Happy reading!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

LUSH CURVES 2: SWEPT AWAY is Coming Out This Week!

Ooooooh, have I got something good for you!

LUSH CURVES 2: Swept Away should be live in the next day or two!

I'm just finishing editing tonight, and tomorrow, I publish.

Is anyone else excited?!

I'm having such a blast writing these, and can't wait for you to have the next installment in your hot, sticky hands...

Stay tuned for more details!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Be Heard: Rock the Vote Tomorrow!

Tomorrow's the big day! Election Day is finally here, and it's time to exercise our most basic rights as Americans.

Please, no matter who you support or what your political stance is, do your part and VOTE tomorrow :). It's so important, because it's more than just a ballot--it's a message to those who represent you about what your wants and needs are. 

It doesn't matter if you're in a swing state--every single vote and voice matters! Tell your representatives what YOU care about. Make your voice heard!

Important things to know:

1. Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Tennessee currently have a requirement for a photo ID in order to vote, but all other states DO NOT require it. Even if you're asked, it's not required, and you will be allowed to vote without it. Some states accept just your name and address, or a copy of a bill addressed to you as proof of ID.

NOTE: You DO NOT need a photo ID to vote in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas or Virginia. Voter ID laws were struck down or blocked for this election because they can put an undo burden on the poor and working class, so even if you're asked, you are not required to show a photo ID to vote in these states

Know your rights and exercise them!

2. Many states allow you to register to vote on election day. Not signed up? It's not too late! Make sure to google the laws for your state, or show up and see what your options are :).

Some states allow you to absentee vote in person as well, so make sure to check to see if you can still vote!

3. If you voted by mail, make sure you signed the back of your envelope! Make sure your vote is counted.

Also, a stamp is NOT required for a vote by mail in Washington. If you mail it, the post office will deliver it to the election board without a stamp. Pop it in the mail and make your voice heard!

Both Oregon and Washington also have drop boxes in your area if you don't have a stamp, or will accept your signed ballot at the polling stations.

Share this with your friends and make sure to vote tomorrow :). It makes a big difference! 

Thank you, and happy election day!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Free Erotic Romance Story and Other Updates!

The only thing better than free stuff is... well... sex!

Teaching Him: The Droid Who Loved Me, Part 1 is now FREE on Amazon! 

Each free download is a big help to yours truly, so please go check it out :). The more downloads I get, the higher the ranking! Let's see if we can get this one into the Top 100 of Free Erotica!

Here's the description:

Lieutenant Alex Daniels is on a mission she never saw coming--Teaching the android she created how to be the perfect Love Machine. His purpose is to seduce the information the Union of Planet needs out of the Tamerian delegates, a mission no human man could perform. The brass suspects a terrorist plot, and they need their newest weapon, David, to root it out before it's too late.

What Alex didn't count on was the way David makes her feel, and how very human he is whenever they're together. Can she keep her emotions in check long enough to complete the mission?

Download your free copy now for Kindle! 

In other happy news, LUSH CURVES 2 is coming along nicely, and should be published within the next week. Get ready for more steamy romance brewing between Aolani and Gavin, along with more luscious curves!

I'll let you know on this blog when it's available. Thanks again for reading!! You are all the reason I get to do what I love for a living, which is truly incredible. Love you guys!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And the Winner of the $50 Amazon Gift Card is....


Huge congrats, my friend! :) I emailed you to let you know you're my LUSH CURVES contest winner!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered my contest and made the launch of my new series such a success. You are all awesome!

To choose a winner I assigned every entry a number, then ran everything through a random number generator. Soltian was lucky number 17!

Thanks again, and don't forget to check out LUSH CURVES if you haven't snagged your copy already. It's only .99 cents, and part 2 is coming soon!

Soltian: Please email me at delilahfawkes at gmail dot com to receive your prize!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'll Be Away for a Few Days

Hi, All!

I just wanted to let you know I'll be offline for the next few days for a family get together, so don't worry that I died at the keyboard or am trapped under something heavy if I don't respond to blog comments/email/etc for a few :).

See you soon, and happy reading!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Humble Request from Your Friendly, Neighborhood Delilah Fawkes

Hi, guys!

I am working hard on the new installment for Lush Curves, but while I do, I always check up on fan messages, reviews, etc, for The Billionaire's Beck and Call. Lately, I've noticed a few one stars popping up, some of which are inaccurate (Ex: This book is only five pages), and so I'm coming to you to ask a favor :).

If you read and enjoyed The Billionaire's Beck and Call, would you please leave a review on Amazon? It would be a great help to me and totally make my day! :)

Click here to leave a review! 

It can be short and sweet, but any honest review for AT HIS SERVICE would be a big help to me. Thanks in advance!

I love my fans, so it's always a thrill to hear from you, too ;).

In your debt,


Friday, October 5, 2012

LUSH CURVES is live for Kindle and Nook!

Lush Curves is now live in the following stores!

Barnes and Noble

What reviewers are saying:

"Sweet Jesus!! Delilah strikes again with a wonderful start to what is going to no doubt be another Epic Serial by her. 
I have read everything from 50 Shades to some seriously erotic novels and short stories, but NONE have stolen my heart like Aolani and Gavin."
"Among all the sexual tension between Gavin and Aolani, Delilah Fawkes showcases her ability to balance two shifting perspectives between the leads, without making them sound like rehashes of each other. Living dialogue and interesting characters are what makes this more than just erotic fun, it makes a real book."

Here's a luscious sneak peak!

The moment I saw her, I knew she was something special. 

I wanted to laugh when I saw her bending over that coffee spill, looking back at me in such a vulnerable position, but something in those deep, black eyes and, let’s face it, the arresting sight of her bum pointing straight at me, made me clear my throat and look away before she got the wrong idea. I wanted her, my body reacting to hers, but I had business to attend to. And I certainly didn’t need to be leering at any employees.

But when Martin introduced us, and I felt her small hand in mine, I couldn’t help but feel the connection, couldn’t deny the chemistry between us. With her flowing, black hair and gorgeous skin, she was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen, and my thoughts wandered to the strictly unprofessional.

What would her body look like set free from her business attire? What would those gorgeous curves of hers look like clad only in a teeny, tiny Bond Girl bikini?

Now, standing on the deck of my yacht, I marveled at her bravery. That a person with no experience modeling would have the confidence to get up there and give it a go was impressive, to say the least. I asked her to do it--Hell, I nearly begged her--but I don’t know if I could have done the same, if she’s asked me to don a Speed-o in front of a wanker like Martin, not to mention the rest of the crew. 

Aolani was something else. Something remarkable. And even though I knew I shouldn’t get involved, I wanted to know more about her.

“Um... Where should I stand?” 

Aolani’s voice cut through my thoughts. She stood near the cabin, the anxiety in her eyes as clear as day, twisting her hands together in front of her body. That beautiful body that should never be covered up.

Martin opened his mouth to answer, probably to tell her to quit fidgeting, but I spoke first.

“Would you please join me by the railing?”

She glanced at Martin’s frown, then nodded to me, obviously relieved I’d be giving the instructions. Martin fumed next to me, but I’d deal with him later. It was too important that she remain calm and comfortable in order to get the shot right. 

She wasn’t one of his models, who cut their teeth on the abuse of bastards like him snapping away. It was painfully obvious she didn’t know how beautiful she was, or what she was capable of. She didn’t know what I saw when I looked at her.

She was next to me now, looking up at me with those almond eyes, drawing me to her with that inexplicable tug I felt whenever she was near. I could smell the scent of coconut in her hair, and I couldn’t stop my eyes from traveling downward, over her ample cleavage held perfectly by the cups of her white bikini. My eyes traveled back up to hers, and I cleared my throat. 

I had to remain professional.

“I’m picturing you leaning over the railing, Aolani, your elbows resting gently on the wood as you look out to sea. Can you try that for me now?”

She nodded and leaned over, clasping her hands together as she gazed out. I assessed her posture, trying to keep my breathing steady as my gaze slid over her tiny waist and flat belly to the rounded swell of her full hips... and that arse that made my cock stir in my trousers every time I saw it... 

“Roll your hips back a little and arch your back, lass,” I said. “It will show you off more.” 

She looked at me, her brow furrowing. “Are you sure you want that?” 
She looked down, and I could see her cheeks coloring. I wanted to reach out and stroke her cheek, to tell her she had nothing to be afraid of, but I didn’t know how she’d react. I settled for brushing her hair off her shoulder, and noticed her sharp intake of breath when my fingers grazed her skin.

“Absolutely,” I said. “I want to capture those beautiful curves of yours. Soften your gaze as you look out, like you’re seeing everything that you dream of, just over the horizon... Do you know how I mean?”
She chewed her lip and glanced down at my hand, still resting on her shoulder, but didn’t pull back. 

“I think so,” she said. “I’ll give it a try.”

She pushed her hips back ever-so-slightly and opened her shoulders, arching her back. I sucked in a breath, and motioned for Martin to come over quickly. The lighting crew followed, hastily setting up their gear. 

“Now, Aolani,” I said. “Gaze toward the horizon.”

The wind kicked up, whipping her hair back behind her. Her expression took on the quality of a dreamer, her face relaxed and serene as she looked out over the harbor waves. In that moment, I would have given anything to know what she dreamed about--what kind of vision for her future made her look so peaceful, so hopeful... and so utterly beautiful.

Martin’s camera snapped away, and he started his spiel, telling her to adjust slightly this way and that until he had every angle he wanted captured. But I knew we’d gotten what we needed with that first shot.

Aolani Kahale was a natural.

The Contest for the $50 Amazon Gift Card is still going on, through this weekend! 

Here's how YOU can get more chances to win:

  • TWEET about Lush Curves and link it in the comments here for FIVE entries!
  • BLOG about Lush Curves and link it below for SEVEN entries!
  • BUY your copy of Lush Curves and review it online for TEN entries!

Good luck to you all, and happy reading!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lush Curves Contest, Day 3: Kilt Love Edition!

Maybe it's the accent. Maybe it's the hair, or the way he pulls off a kilt.

Okay, let's face it... it's probably what's under the kilt that holds our fascination!

Scots are hot.

No doubt about it.

Today, in our countdown to the launch of my new erotic romance series, Lush Curves, there's a new way to win!

Tweet or Facebook the following message for FIVE contest entries:

"Are you ready for hot Scots and hot, curvacious women? Check out LUSH CURVES, a new BBW romance from Delilah Fawkes, out this Friday!"

Post the link in the comments below to get credit :).

You can also get an entry by linking to your favorite hot Scotsman pic in the comments below! I need these pics for... *cough*... research.

Yeah. That's it.


Good luck to you all, and long live the kilt!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lush Curves Release Contest, Day 2!

Is there anything better than a woman with curves in all the right places?

Probably not, but winning a $50 Amazon Gift Card comes darn close!

Today, "like" my Facebook Author Page for TWO entries into the contest!

If you comment today about why you love curves at the bottom of this post, you'll also get another entry!

So, come on.... dish...

What's your favorite thing about a big, beautiful woman?

Edit: Ha! Maybe adding the LINK to my facebook page would help, yes?


Duh ;).

Monday, October 1, 2012

Lush Curves is Coming Out This Friday!

I'm happy to announce that first part of my new series, LUSH CURVES, is coming out this Friday, October 5th!

This is a sensual, BBW erotic romance about Aolani Kahale, a young woman who moved from Hawaii to the mainland with the dream of owning her own photography studio. When her marketing firm takes on a photo shoot for eccentric CEO Gavin Fletcher's yacht company, she's whisked into a world she never dreamed of. He wants her to be his new model--the face and body of his campaign.

Gavin Fletcher is a man with a dark secret. Underneath his scottish brogue and outgoing exterior, is a heart that aches from a heavy loss. He thought he'd never be able to love again, but one look at the lovely Aolani stirs feelings inside of him he thought long dead.

Will they be able to trust one another, or will doubt and fear keep them apart?

To celebrate this new release, I'm having a contest! I'm giving away a $50 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky winner!

Each day this week, there will opportunities for you to gain entries for the prize!

Today, each person who comments on this blog post will automatically get one entry. If you tweet about this blog post, and post the link here, you'll get THREE entries!

Good luck to you all!

I'm so excited about this series :). I'm already in love with these characters, and hope you will be too!

Monday, September 17, 2012

A New Series in the Works! BBW Romance

I'm waaaay too excited and need to stop drinking caffeine, because I'm completely in love.

In love with a new series that I'm writing just for you!

Lush Curves is a new serial about a beautiful, plus size hawaiian woman, Aolani Kahale who is swept up in the world of modeling when her boss, Scottish yacht company owner Gavin Fletcher wants to use her in his new campaign.

I hope to have the first installment done in the next week or so, and let me tell you.... if you enjoyed The Billionaire's Beck and Call, you're going to love this!

I'm having such fun writing this one and can't wait to share it.

In other news, I'm sorry to say that At His Word: The Billionaire's Beck and Call, Part 6 is having some technical difficulties on Amazon.com, but should be back up soon. In the meanwhile, it's available on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and AllRomanceEbooks. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you for reading, all! :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Billionaire's Beck and Call, Part 9 (The Last Chapter) is now live!


I'm so excited to announce that AT HIS SIDE: The Billionaire's Beck and Call, Part 9 is now live in the following stores:


Barnes and Noble seems to be having some technical difficulties, but I'm hoping it will be up by tomorrow :). I'll let you know!

The Description:

Chase and Isabeau race to the pier in an attempt to stop Lex Smith from leaving the country, ruining the lives of the employees at Drake & Smith.

When they arrive, things heat up when a blast from the past appears in cahoots with Lex. Can they band together to capture them and save the day? , And can Chase capture the heart of the women proven to be his perfect match?

And a Sneak Peak!

I dialed the police, then listened to the ringing on the other end, harmonizing with the squealing tires of Mr. Drake’s car as he rocketed out of the parking lot toward Morton’s Pier. I pulled on the edge of my skirt, my hands restless as I waited for someone to pick up the phone. Mr. Drake’s jaw was set, his eyes glued to the road. Finally, there was a click on the other end of the line. I spoke before the operator could finish his greeting.

“Yes, hello? Please, we need to report a crime. It’s an emergency.”

I tried to keep my voice calm even while adrenaline coursed through me at the thought that all those people--people I’d had lunch with, sat with during meetings, chatted with in the break room--could lose everything if we didn’t stop Lex in time.

Mr. Drake’s knuckles were white against the steering wheel as he cut through traffic. I gave as many details as I could to the operator, telling them to send squad cars to look for Alexander Smith at the airport, but that we suspected he was trying to flee the country by sea.

“Please, stay on the line, Ms. Willcox,” the operator said. “We’re sending squad cars to meet you at the pier. Don’t make a move until we get there.”

“No problem.”

I held the phone to my ear, my hand now slippery with sweat. The car jumped as Mr. Drake crashed over a speed bump, roaring into the outer parking lot of the marina. The gate was down, the striped barrier arm down over entrance to the Yacht Club, blocking access. Mr. Drake swore beside me, before slamming the car to a halt. Without another word, he jerked the keys out of the ignition and barreled out of the car, slamming the door behind him.

“They said to wait!” I called, but he was already gone, running down the pier. “Shit.”

“What’s that, Ma’am?” The operator’s voice in my ear startled me.

“Please hurry,” I said, and ended the call.

Thank you all so much for reading! :)

I hope you enjoy the conclusion of this series as much as I enjoyed writing it! Thanks for being so patient as I finished it, and happy reading!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Update on #9

Hi, guys!

I just wanted to check in and give you a quick update on how The Billionaire's Beck and Call, Part 9 is going. Things are going well, but it's taking me a couple of days longer than I thought to get it just right. Apologies for not being faster, but then, there you have it. Writing can be a rather imprecise science ;).

Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you, and I hope to have it done in the next few days. Thanks for all the love for the series and for being my awesome readers. I couldn't do it without you!



Thursday, August 30, 2012

Billionaire's Beck and Call #9 is the Finale

Hi, guys!

I wanted to give you a quick update as I'm writing AT HIS SIDE: The Billionaire's Beck and Call Part 9 :). I was pretty sure this was going to be the case after writing number 8, but now I'm positive: This last story will be the ending for this series. 

This is going to be a good one, too... ;)

I've always been a big believer in letting a story be exactly as long as it needs to be to tell it well--no more, no less, but I wanted to give you a head's up because I'd previously guesstimated that it would be 10 total.

Thanks for reading! AT HIS SIDE should be available in the next few days. I'll update here as well as on Facebook, Twitter (and of course in my newsletter) when it's available.

Hope you're all having a great week, and thanks again for being such amazing supporters of this series!

Monday, August 27, 2012

At His Warning: The Billionaire's Beck and Call, Part 8 is live!

I'm happy to announce that At His Warning: The Billionaire's Beck and Call, Part 8 is now live on the following sites:

Barnes and Noble

The Description:

Tensions come to a head between Chase Drake and his business partner, Lex, when his relationship with Isabeau is threatened. After an all-out fight, Isabeau learns some of the secrets from Mr. Drake's mysterious past and realizes she cares about him more than ever.

However, when they discover evidence of Lex's betrayal at the office, they may be too late to stop him from ruining the lives of every employee at Drake & Smith. Will everything Chase has worked for crumble to dust, or will he and Isabeau find a way to thwart disaster?

And a sexy sneak peak!

Morning arrived, bringing with it a dull, thumping headache and a whole new batch of problems.

I rolled over and rested my head on Mr. Drake’s chest, breathing in the delicious mixture of his spiced cologne and the musky smell that was all him. I ran my hand lightly through the sprinkling of hair over his pecs, listening to the steady sound of his breathing. 

If I could have stayed in bed with him all day, I would have, maybe watching old movies and ordering room service to ease my hangover. But I knew we still had investors to please and tasks to accomplish. I sighed with longing and pressed a kiss to his skin.

Despite the throbbing in my skull, I still wanted him, wanted to tease him and stroke him before feeling him inside of me. I ran my hand lower, skimming over the hard planes of his abdomen before sliding below the sheets.

A rough hand grabbed my wrist, Mr. Drake’s low laugh rumbling through his chest. 

“And just what do you think you’re doing?”

I laughed, too, then touched my head and winced. Too loud. Mr. Drake pulled back and smoothed my hair away from my face. 


I nodded. “Mmm hmm.”

“Aren’t you supposed to use that as an excuse not to make love, Isa? You seem to be doing this all wrong.”

I stretched back on my pillow, letting the sheets fall off my full breasts. I smiled as his eyes traveled downward, his pupils darkening.

“But what if making love will cure me? Isn’t it worth a try?”

He looked like he wanted to pounce on me, but then furrowed his brow. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Maybe we could... go slow?” I pulled the sheet lower, letting the cotton slide down, revealing the curves of my body.

He groaned as he watched, his hands soon wandering where his eyes had traveled. His fingers grazed my sex, lightly playing over my folds as I gasped. Our lips met as he stroked me softly, his tongue sliding across my teeth. 

“I don’t usually do it like this,” he said. “But right now, I just want to make you feel as good as possible.”

I grinned, thinking of his dungeon. No kidding. 

But I groaned as he leaned down and kissed his way around each breast, stopping to lap at each nipple until it tightened into a peak. I loved that he could be as tender as he was rough, drawing pleasure out of me the way a master musician draws beauty from his instrument. 

When he entered me, it was slow and steady, his hips rocking forward and back, letting me adjust as we began our slow dance together. He looked into my eyes as we moved, the rhythm of his body matching each hitch of my breath, each small moan escaping from my lips.

Thanks so much to all of you for reading <3! 

I hope you enjoy this new book, and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter (link at the top right of this blog) if you haven't already. Newsletter subscribers get extra goodies, including discounts or even free stories! ;)